Introduction to: My Girlfriend’s Parents and their Crazy Dog

Hey folks,

Over the next few weeks I’ll be blogging a story about my girlfriend (Leah), her parents and their crazy dog, who by the way, hates me. Each week I’ll post one chapter of a story that I guarantee will be side-busting, tear-jerking and laugh-so-hard-you-can’t-breathe comedy.

DISCLAIMER: Let’s get one thing straight, I love my girlfriend and her family. I am in no way trying to diss them. This is simply meant to be entertaining.

I hope you’ll check out this blog weekly and I look forward to hearing your feedback. The first chapter will be posted NEXT TUESDAY! Tuesdays will be the days I post each new hilarious part of my crazy story. Here’s a short preview from Chapter One. Enjoy!

“How did I end up in the second row, middle seat of a Buick SUV while a crazy bitch dog is riding shotgun? How did I end up here with the smell of dog pasted to my nose and worse than that dog hair in my mouth? Because people love dogs more than they do other people. How did I get here? Well first let me tell you why I ended up in the Buick.”


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