A Wild West Standoff

You made it through #HumpDay ! Now read A Wild West Showdown to relax and laugh!

Plain and simple

It was a standoff. The dog stood on the couch, crouched and ready to attack. I stood balanced and braced for anything. Time stood still and I looked from Olive to Leah, back to Olive and then to Mr. and Mrs. Bunkers. No one moved and my fingers twitched while I cracked my knuckles. The theme song to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly was playing in my mind because I knew at any moment this could break into an all-out Wild West showdown.

After the spring semester I had decided it was time to make that monumental leap. I had to take one uncomfortable, awkward and far away from Texas step to visit my girlfriend’s home in Iowa. If you’ve ever been in a serious relationship then you know that the first prolonged visit to your girlfriend or boyfriend’s home is a BIG DEAL. Of course I was…

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