The Treasure Chest

It is nothing short of a perfect day. It’s dreary outside. It’s cold and has been raining off and on. How is that a perfect day? Well because I am home and there is a fire in the living room. I’m sitting in comfy clothes with my new house slippers on, and a pen in my hand. It’s a perfect day for writing.



What makes us treasure certain trivial things? I assume they seem of miniscule importance to all save the keeper of said objects of questionable significance. The answer, I believe, is because even the most trivial item or event may alter someone’s story. Or maybe they serve to remind us of what our story really is.

I have a box full of interesting and magical objects. It is not a very large box and it is not a small box. It is just a medium-sized, black wooden box, kept locked by a master lock. There’s nothing especially intriguing about it, save the fact that it is kept locked. I believe this makes it specifically curious, because as humans we always seem to be wanting to stick our noses somewhere they don’t necessarily belong. It keeps its treasure and its story safe. I suppose it keeps my story too. However, I’ve decided to unlock it for you although I’m not quite sure why.

Oh I wish you could be there when I open that treasure chest. The interior is lined with a map. One of those old-looking maps on brown paper that you can almost imagine is as old as the treasure maps of some old pirates or Spanish conquistadors. The map is enough to convince me that the contents of the old box are in fact treasure or at least fascinating in some regard.

Inside the box, there are pieces of treasure that you may, or may not, find interesting. But you’ll have to keep reading to find out.


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