The Travel Pouch

Item #1 – travel pouch

Inside this travel pouch there are three plane tickets. One from Austin to Chicago and another from Chicago to Brussels; and the final ticket from Frankfurt to Chicago.

If you’re not familiar with these pouches they are essentially used for the same purpose as a wallet except it is much safer than a wallet in your back pocket. The pouch is worn around your neck and it has all sorts of hidden pockets to store stuff in. I highly recommend one if you’re going out of the country on some sort of vacation. Safer than a wallet, and not nearly as dorky as a fanny pack.

The Travel Pouch

In the spring of 2014, I went on a study abroad trip to Belgium and Germany. I bought this pouch for the trip to carry my passport, cash, plane tickets and other valuables in because I was told that pick-pockets target tourists. With the pouch, I could keep anything that was valuable right against my chest. The sense of security that the weight of that pouch against my chest brought me, allowed me to fully enjoy the wonderful sights, sounds and tastes of Belgium and Germany.

Germany and Belgium were amazing! The architecture was so old and intricate I loved it. And the country castles in Germany were wonderful to explore. But my adventures from Europe are a different story so I’ll save them for another time.

Why do I keep the pouch in my treasure box?

I suppose I keep the travel pouch because I treasure the time I spent in Europe, and who knows, someday I may need it again.

Heidelberg Castle


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