What Can Happen In A Second? (642 things)

Prompt #1 – What can happen in a second?

A lot of things can happen in one second. A buzzer-beating shot can be made in a basketball game. You can say “hello” in one second, or you can say, “I do.” You can decide to travel somewhere amazing in one second. You could write the letter “h,” or click the mouse, or change the world with the push of a button. Or you can do nothing.

Whatever you decide to do in one second, the seconds will grow into minutes, and the minutes will turn to hours. Then the hours will melt into days, the days into months, and the months into years. What you choose to do in one second, can alter the course of your years.

It has been said that life is a vapor. Look at the vast frame of time, completely out of our control and prerogative, and you realize how short your time on earth actually is. Unfortunately, I don’t think many people realize this truth until late in their lives. I reckon if we realized how short of a time we have here, we’d realize the true significance of every choice and every second.


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