The Secret To Keeping A New Year’s Resolution

Oh you don’t make New Year’s resolutions? Please tell us all some more about how much of a rebel you are. I mean if you  don’t want to make a resolution, that’s your business, but let’s try to not drag down people who may actually trying to make a positive change in their life.

For the record, I also agree with most of the people who talk about how these resolutions hardly ever actually turn into anything lasting. I’m not here to bash on people, I’m here to give some advice on resolutions.

The reason most resolutions will fade away before the end of January or February is because most people will want to make a change, without wanting to alter the way they live. Here’s the thing, with a New Year’s resolutions… you can’t just make the decision. You also have to prioritize your decision.

In other words, if you want to finish your latest big writing project by August of 2015, you have to make writing a priority. Sounds easy enough right? Here’s the hard part; you may have to replace something. In order for you to make writing a priority, maybe you can’t go out with your friends three nights per week. Maybe you can only go one night every two weeks. If your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, maybe you can’t watch as much Netflix now, or go out for weekly pizza.

You see, you’re going to have to do some give and take when it comes to making a BIG change in your life. And that’s what makes keeping a resolution so hard. It’s hard to give up things we’re used to in favor of things we’re trying to implement.

But I’m not telling you it’s hopeless. All you have to do is commit to re-prioritization. What’s the best way to do that? Write it down. Put it on a sticky note. Blog about it. And continue to write about it. This will help you feel obligated and dedicated to your resolution and new priority.

Go get ‘em folks, and have a good 2015!


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