Letters From The Past

Item #8 found in my treasure chest – letters

Maybe I’m a hoarder. I don’t know, but I’ve kept every note, birthday card and letter that anyone has ever sent me. It seems pretty pointless. I guess you really have to be a history buff to understand my reasoning behind keeping all of these documents.

Just think about it… if people didn’t write letters and documents, and those letters and documents weren’t preserved, our understanding of history would be a lot less comprehensive than what it actually is. All of the great historians were avid writers, and many of them sent thousands of letters during their lifetime.

Now of course, I’m not flattering myself by saying I’ll have any sort of particular contribution to world history and no one will probably be interested in my history, but someone might someday. You just never know. Plus I like to think that one day, years from now, I’ll sit down and open up some of these letters and enjoy reading them.

You see letters are like little time capsules. They hold the emotions, feelings and perspective of a day and age which is in the past. If you keep the letters, you can open them up and experience that past time all over again for whatever reason you choose.



    1. Oh I know right? It’s sad, but they already seem so nostalgic. But I remember when I was in High School we still passed notes. Now kids download a texting app. My kids may not even know what writing a letter is!



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