Why Do Girlfriends Steal Their Boyfriends’ Shirts?

Prompt #7 from 642 things – Something you had that was stolen

There are many things you must learn to deal with once you enter into a serious romantic relationship with someone. As a guy, one thing you might as well get used to, is the fact that your girlfriend will almost certainly want to take some of your clothes as her own.

One of the things my fiancé stole, was one of my favorite shirts. I know a lot of people have probably had much more valuable things stolen than a silly shirt, but it was very difficult for me to cope with. It’s a grey, long-sleeve t-shirt that my MOTHER got for me! You don’t steal something that someone’s mother or grandmother got them. Everyone should know that is completely off limits and over-the-line!

But in the grand scheme of things, I didn’t mind that she wanted the shirt. I eventually realized that it was just something that girlfriends do, for a reason that only girlfriends know I suppose.



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