The Knife

Item #9 found in my treasure chest – the knife 

When most people not from Texas, think of Texas, they think of burning heat, rocks and dust, cactus and ugly mesquite trees. Texas is actually a lot more diverse than that, however the very stereotypical Texas does exist too.

I used to live out in Cisco, Texas. It was a great place to be a kid. We would go trekking through the country and I loved climbing up on big boulders and through the rocks and all that. Walking around out there you couldn’t help but think you were actually a cowboy. There was a lot of flint in that area too, so it wasn’t all that uncommon to stumble across an old arrowhead. And it was even less uncommon to come up on a bunch of rattlesnakes, which by the way are wretched creatures.

One time when we were out walking around in the country, I found an old knife blade. It was pretty rusty and the handle had fallen off but I kept it anyway. Even to this day I like knives and swords and bow and arrows and all of that stuff, so obviously I wanted to keep this old knife blade that I found.

One of the men in our church told me he would fix the knife up for me so I gave it to him. Sure enough after a while, the knife was returned to me. All the rust was gone, and it had a deer antler handle attached on it with my initials carved in it. As a kid, I thought it was the most incredible thing ever, but even now I have to admit it is pretty nice looking knife, although it hasn’t had an edge for years.

I think it’s important to never cast aside or to think little of things we may have treasured as children, because one day we’ll treasure them again.


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