The Game Of Lacrosse

Item #10 found in my treasure chest – lacrosse jerseys

In college, I played two years of lacrosse. I had never played before but my roommate and I learned, and found that we had a good knack for it. I’ve played a lot of different sports competitively and lacrosse is by far one of the most physical. A game of lacrosse can be brutal. The only way you’re getting through a game without being sore and bruised and bloody is if you didn’t play.

I keep my practice jerseys in my treasure chest because I didn’t get to keep my game jerseys.  Playing lacrosse in college was probably my most unique experience. I learned a lot about a game I’d never heard anything about before.


Lacrosse is one of the oldest sports in the world. It was a game invented by the Native American tribes, although to them, it was often more than a game. To them it often had spiritual implications, and brought them closer to their god. Sometimes, if there was a dispute between two tribes, rather than going to war, they would decide the issue with a lacrosse match.

When some French Catholic missionaries saw the natives playing the game, they called it lacrosse after the sticks the Indians used to carry the ball. The game was much different from what it is now. The goals were often miles apart and anywhere between 40 and 200 Indians would be playing at once.

Of course the game evolved, and rules and safety equipment were implemented. Today, lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in America. It’s fast-paced and hard-hitting. It combines the running and endurance of soccer, with higher scoring, and an intensity which resembles hockey.

Although the sport suffered a few publicity setbacks, it is on the rise again. NCAA games are now televised on ESPN occasionally and the MLL has eight teams. If you’ve never watched a game, make it a point to record one on your dvr and you might be surprised with what you see.


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