The Long-Lost Roommate

Prompt #8 from 642 things – The long-lost roommate

You know what it’s like looking at your image in one of those curved mirrors. You can tell it’s you, but you look strange and disproportioned. That’s how it is seeing a long-lost roommate. You know who they are, but they aren’t what you remembered. Because to you they’ll always be fun-loving, good time kid from 20 years ago.

But since then a lot has changed. Maybe they got married and had kids or moved out of the country.  Maybe they’ve suffered tragedy or become a millionaire. They’ve been through years, jobs, moves and who knows what else. But somewhere behind all that time, they’re still the kid you met in college.

A chance meeting with your long-lost roommate probably goes a little bit like this Robert Earl Keen song.

“It’s your best friend from high school, who sees you and wishes you well. You try to break through, but you’ve run out of stories to tell. So you bid him goodbye and step into space. There are so many questions you cannot face. It’s a lonely feeling, taking his place. It’s a lonely feeling, you just can’t erase.”


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