The Cause Of Violence

Item #11 found in my treasure chest – an original screenplay

When does it become acceptable to violently oppose people who are trying to harm you? Is it ever acceptable? Many people believe we live in a hyper-violent world, which is becoming more violent every day. Some argue guns are the problem and others suggest there’s just a lot of bad people. Most sane people hope for more peaceful days to come, where violence is nothing but an afterthought and rare occurrence. We may argue over the cause of this violence but it is present regardless of its source.

This past semester, I was enrolled in a screenwriting class. I really enjoyed the class and found myself writing in a style I had never tested before. I would describe screenwriting as a solid blend between journalistic conciseness, and creative overflow. No purposeless words need to appear in a screenplay. Every beat and word needs to advance the conflict, forcing characters to make a decision, and advance the plot.

In our final project for this class, we wrote our own short screenplay. A Promise of Violence ended up being about 20 pages. For my first screenplay, I think it was pretty solid. I made an A on it, if that matters. My screenplay deals with the issues of violence I mentioned above. The main character is in a situation where he believes his only choice, is to retaliate violently, even though violence is strictly against his beliefs.

Why do I keep it in my treasure chest?

When Matt Damon was in college, he and Ben Affleck wrote a short screenplay together. Several hundred pages later, they had written Good Will Hunting. I’m obviously, not comparing my work to Good Will Hunting, but who knows, maybe several years from now, I can pull out the manuscript and turn it into a full-length film.


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