Collecting Cards

Item #12 in my treasure chest – playing cards

Have you ever been on one of those kicks where you start collecting different types of things? When I was younger, I just sort of felt like I was supposed to be collecting something. It seemed to me everyone should have at least one collection. Over the years I haven’t created one specific collection set, but I have started several different ones, which has honestly turned out to be more interesting.

I used to collect decks of playing cards. On any vacation, I would buy a pack of cards, and other time I saw a deck that I liked. I don’t remember why I thought cards would be a good collectible, but somewhere along the way I decided they were. At one time, I probably had somewhere between 15 and 20 decks.

The decks in the picture are Civil War battles, Iraq most wanted, Roy Rogers and Spider Man 3 collectible cards. As you can see, I had quite an odd variety. Of these four sets I think the Iraq most wanted is my favorite. I obviously found these around the time when the war had started over there and it has the names of Iraqi and terrorist leaders on the cards.

Why do I keep these cards in my treasure chest?

Like I said, they started as collectibles but then I probably moved on to collecting something else. And I do love to play cards, so it’s always nice to know exactly where to go when I want to play a hand. What’s your favorite card game?


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