Why Do Kids Love Rocks?

Item #13 in my treasure chest – rocks

Kids find so many simple things intriguing. I’m sure all of us can think of a time when we’ve seen a kid pick up a rock and examine it closely before throwing it or stuffing it in his pocket. Why do kids like rocks so much? And I don’t know, maybe city kids don’t really have any interest in rocks, but I know for a fact that growing up in west Central Texas, I liked rocks.

First of all, there are tons of cool rocks out in that area. It is common to stumble across a piece of flint out around Abilene, and I bet something about the smooth surface of a piece of flint makes it appealing to a child’s mind. On some occasions we even found some old Indian arrowheads.

Of course some rocks you just throw at a bigger rock, or into a pond or something. But sometimes, I’d find one that was unique in some way, and I’d keep it. I’m not saying they were the arkenstone but there was always just something that made me want to hold onto them. And all these years later I’m glad I did.

Why do I keep these rocks in my treasure chest?

These rocks are like so many other things in the treasure chest. There’s nothing in them that makes them intrinsically valuable, but they are memories and pictures of a part of my life that is past. Every part of a life, makes the current life what it is, or isn’t. So you can never keep too many reminders of where you’ve been, and what you did there. That’s what the rocks do.


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