The Sins Of The Nation And The Blood On Our Hands

How long?  How long will we look with blind eyes and deaf ears?  How long will the land of the free be haunted by the countless murdered souls that water the soil with their precious blood?  How long?

We live during a point in history where America and her people claim more tolerance in the name of self-expression than ever before.  Citizens are not only free to do as they please, they are encouraged to do as they please.  The American Dream is now being lived out through self-exaltation.  We are so focused on ourselves that we have become blind to the horrific sins of our Nation.  Despite all the pompous hurrahs and speeches promoting tolerance and freedom, we disrespect human life more now than ever before.

Thousands of innocent infants are murdered every year through abortion.  And no, this isn’t just about Planned Parenthood and the recent videos that have surfaced.  This has been going on for years! For years we have stood by and WATCHED while we allowed unnumbered babies to be slaughtered. And we will be judged for standing idly by.

The morality of abortion is NOT a scientific debate. It is NOT a scientific problem. It is a SIN problem.  Every abortion takes precious life and destroys it, and that is murder.  The life didn’t ask to be, but it was.  Innocent life is not ours to give or to take.  The right to life is an unalienable right, as the great Thomas Jefferson once wrote.  If we take that ideal away, what is America?

The Incan, Aztec and Carthaginian cultures were once all powerful nations.  They all practiced child sacrifice, and they were all in turn destroyed.  You say abortion isn’t a religious sacrifice? Oh but it is! Yes every baby killed by abortion is a sacrifice to our gods of selfishness and ease.  We may come up with many reasons to justify abortion but at the end of the day they’re all paper-thin excuses to make ourselves feel better about our own selfish acts.  America will be judged for its sins.

I hope some of you are nodding your heads in agreement.  But what have you done?  I believe that if you are a citizen of this nation you have a responsibility to stand up for the innocent and the weak who have no one else to protect them.  Do you pray?  Do you pray for the women who are contemplating having their child aborted?  Or do you turn a blind eye.  If you aren’t a law maker or person of influence maybe you can’t do much but you CANNOT remain silent.

I am ashamed that I have been silent for so long. Shame on me, and shame on you!  We cannot allow this injustice to go on.  It has gone on for far too long.  The lives lost, can never be recovered.  How many future doctors and teachers and lawyers and scientists and mechanics and farmers have been murdered?  How many sons and daughters?  How many friends?  How many future presidents, or great men and women?

At night I’m haunted by the tormented wails of the millions of lost children.  Can you hear them?  It’s the screams and the cries of sweet babies who never felt the warmth of sunshine or the loving touch of their mother.  They were babies.  And they were murdered.  I weep for them, and wonder how long?

How long will we sit in apathy behind a screen and keyboard while there is a president and plenty of politicians who support abortion clinics and “pro-choice?”  How long will we sweep it all under the rug with the other morality issues while we run in circles trying to stabilize economies and Iran?  How long America?  How long will we sit back and watch the unchecked slaughter of infant lives within our own borders?  How long will we ignore the helpless cries of the weak and unborn?  How long America?

The thought of a nation where the government demands that children be sacrificed in a ring as gladiatorial tributes is probably repulsive to you.  WAKE UP AMERICA! This is way worse than the Hunger Games because instead we have a nation where people can willingly sacrifice their children while the government allows it.  At least in the Hunger Games the children have a chance to live.  But this isn’t a game.  This isn’t fiction.  This is real.  And it will continue to be a reality until great men and women stand up and call for change.  How long America?