Interested In Joining A Writers Group?

I’ve updated my site a little so I thought I’d give you guys the rundown. I’ve essentially added a photography gallery so feel free to check that out on my home page.

I’ve also added a page (Nights at the Round Table, located on the top menu) dedicated to starting a writers group. So if you’re in the process of writing a novel, shorts, poetry, songs or whatever please check out that page and if you are interested or have questions feel free to contact me.

It’s basically a group where people can bounce ideas around with their peers for honest review so that hopefully we can all grow as writers. So that’s the site update. As always, feedback is appreciated.



Computer Problems

Everything has been going great with the new blog. Thanks for reading and as always any feedback is appreciated. Unfortunately, I have a problem. A BIG PROBLEM. Yeah my computer isn’t working. It acts like it is going to power on but the screen stays black.

Well right now I’m posting this from a Library computer which closes in… 53 minutes, so why is my computer not working a problem? Well because all of my content for My Girlfriend’s Parents and their Crazy Dog is saved on there. YIKES. I know I’m supposed to save in more than one place but that just didn’t happen this time.

Hopefully it will be fixed by Tuesday but if not, I’m afraid chapter three won’t be online on schedule. In the meantime I’ll try and post some other stuff. Thanks again for reading.


Catch y’all on the flip side,